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Sunrise Project

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— Pablo

Casey Harrell, Campaign Manager Sunrise Project

Working with Sunrise Project is always exciting and fulfilling, and gives us a chance to partner with an organization in a really close way. We not only helped them to organize activism around climate change, but were deeply embedded in that activism, filming events as they unfolded in often unpredictable ways.

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— Hope K.

Melanie Moore, ED, Golden State Warriors Community Fund


We had worked with Melanie for years at the nonprofit evaluation company she founded, See Change, helping to tell the powerful stories of how nonprofits find success…or don’t. Our partnership was often tricky, as any good evaluation won’t just celebrate work, but give challenges to further success. We found that video, interestingly, was really difficult for people to process unless it was promotional, so there was a lot of context-building we had to do for these videos to be successful. Melanie was an ideal partner in these conversations, which often spilled over into lunches and coffee breaks. When she contacted us about doing a series of videos about the human impact of federal budget cuts on Alameda County residents, we jumped at the chance to work with her again.