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making movies. making change.

“We showed the videos to a prospective funder, who was immediately drawn into the video. I watched a visceral shift occur. As we came to the end, he turned to me and said, 'We need to fund you’.”

-Michael Watenpaugh, Superintendent, San Rafael City Schools


Why Mission Pictures?

Your mission is our guiding light at Mission Pictures. We connect you to your audience by partnering with you to create beautiful movies and addictive social media assets that tell the authentic, true story of you and your work.


Mission Pictures was founded by Shane King and Arne Johnson (friends since they were 11-years-old) right after their feature film “Girls Rock!” had a successful theatrical run, and demand for their talents poured in. Combined they have four kids, one Emmy nomination, over 100 satisfied clients and 120,000 bees.

What is it like to partner with us?

Your vision informs how we see the telling details that reveal your world. Your audience will know you in a way they haven't before, because our deep passion for communicating your organization's impact and stunning production values will allow them to experience who you really are.

How will we help you?


Your experience with Mission Pictures will be unique: We create great movies because we listen carefully to what you need to strengthen your relationship with your audience and your organization. Our unique filmmaking process brings us a host of repeat clients, from high-tech companies like Google to colleges like Saint Mary's College to national nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity. These organizations already know what you'll soon learn: that together, we'll inspire your audience to act.


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client testimonials



Working with Mission Pictures means that you are in really experienced and professional hands. It’s a pleasure to work with Executive Producers & Directors who are not only good at what they do, but are genuinely nice people.
— Alexis Reiner

Sunrise Project

The through line with Mission Pictures’ work is really helping you take these dense, complicated issues and turning them into a story about the human experience.
— Casey Harrell

All in Alameda

What I appreciated about working with Mission Pictures is, first of all, they understood storytelling, but they were also great partners in working with my clients.
— Melanie Moore